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The Top 10 French Foods you need to taste in France at least once!

Discover and taste the Top French Specialities but make sure you are in France!

Do you know what are the French food specialities? I’m sure you know some or all of them.  But let me present you my List of Top 10 French Foods which I recommend tasting in France.

Because it is true, you can eat those French foods in some other places and even your country but I can assure you they don’t taste the same as in France…so if you have a chance to taste them in France, do not miss on any!

Baguette. No trip to France is complete without trying a delicious French baguette. Freshly baked, still warm, very light, there is nothing quite like this French classic which many cannot resist when leaving the bakery and starting on eating it bit by bit, realizing that they have already eaten half of the baguette on the way home. But I highly recommend eating the French baguette with your favourite French cheese and wine, or as a lunch meal with meat, tuna or salmon, ham or eggs. Baguettes in France are quite cheap and can be found anywhere. But for the best experience I would recommend going to the real bakery. And a small tip. The real bakery is a place which has a name boulangerie. If you see any other place like for example Paul, which I though is the French bakery (as I have seen it in London and wanted to sound that I have some experience).  It turns out it is not a real bakery. It means they don’t bake the bread but only heat it up. Still everything there is super delicious. But when you have a chance, choose the real local boulangerie. When in Lyon, I recommend my favorite and the best in the city Jocteur Boulangerie next to the Ile Barbe. 

Madeleines. These are the typical French treats  delightfully buttery and spongy. The madeleines are a cross between a cookie and cake, with a special shell-like shape acquired from being baked in pans with shell-shaped depressions which you can find only in the French kitchens. They are very easy to make but you need this special pan. And they are even easier to eat, they simply melt in your months. 

Macarons. I am sure they won’t be missed by you. There is no person who can resist those pretty, colorful, light little cookies. Macarons are the meringue based cookies made with egg white, icing sugar, and almond powder. They are often filled with ganache, butter creme, or jam. They come in a multitude of flavours & colors. And again, the best you will find in the french bakeries. However, many shops sell very good macarons. So don’t hesitate to buy. The problem is that they are very fragile so if you plan to transport and have a short expiry date so watch out as the best is to eat them fresh. 

Croissant and Pain au chocolat.  The two classic of a typical french breakfast. Because as you probably know, the French like and they eat only sweet breakfasts. I   bet you have already eaten any of them and will tell me what the whole fuss about? I was thinking the same. Before eating my first croissant I was even laughing out of French and saying how they can eat plain croissant so boring, where is a jam or butter. But once, encouraged to try the real french croissant in France, I could not believe the taste. You really do not need anything else. The classic plain croissant is delicious; sweet and buttery. Similar bakes pastries such as pain au chocolate make for an equally fantastic treat, especially for the chocolate lovers. 

French Cheese. Obligatory! I don’t even know where to start. Maybe by my post presenting the most interesting facts about the French cheese I wrote earlier. Secondly, I will tell you, yes, there are french cheeses all over the world but they will never come in such a variety as in France, with such a real taste and culture of eating them. The beauty of the real french cheeses found only in France is that you have a chance to buy them from the local producers, that they are fresh and the French will explain you how to eat them to get the best taste. I have learned for example that some types of cheeses should be taken out from the fridge half an hour before eating to get them even more creamy …delicious. 

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Source : Aga - J'adore Lyon

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