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  • 💬 In which language is the app available?
    For the moment Spiky is available in English, French and Spanish (the choice of language is made according to the language of your phone's settings).
  • 📌 In which city is Spiky Community available?
    Spiky Community can be downloaded everywhere in France but only offers the "Discover the city" category for Paris, Lille and Lyon. New cities coming soon, stay tuned 🔥
  • 🎯 Who is Spiky Community for?
    The app can be useful and used by all foreign people in France. Students, Erasmus, expatriates, refugees, asylum seekers…: you are welcome!
  • 🚩 A problem?
    A bug? Missing or incorrect content? A recommendation ? We are listening! Do not hesitate to write to us at If you have a problem with the app, tell us which phone you are using and which version (ex: iPhone 12, iOS version 12 or Samsung S10, Android version 12) If you encounter an error message, you can also send us a screenshot!
  • 🔎 How do I search in the app?
    The information is sorted out and classified in categories and subcategories: formalities (juridic assistance, translators, banks, insurance, etc.), health, accomodation, work, studies, learning French… The information is quickly accessible in 1 click thanks to the keyword search bar! It is best to focus on a single keyword for your search 😊
  • 📁What information can I find in the Formalities feature?
    Lots of information to help you settle in: 🛂Official information from the Department in charge of visas. 🏠 Accomodation, guarantors, renting files, scams, welfare benefits 🩺 Healthcare, bilingual doctors, drugstores, psychological support and free STI tests ✅Home insurance, healthcare, complementary healthcare insurance 💬Learning French, online classes, schools, Youtube channels, apps 💳 Formalities to open a bank account, banks for Spanish- or English-speaking customers, online banks 📱SIM card 🎓Info on studying in France, internships and work-study programs 💼 Job hunting platforms, jobs for non-French speakers, charities that help you write your resume, differences between all the types of work contracts ⚖️ Legal support and attorneys specialized in foreigner’s rights 🚝 Means of transportation and trips
  • 🧭What information can I find in the City feature?
    📅Free or cheap intercultural events to meet locals 🚲Sporting activities 🌳Outdoor outings ideas 👨‍👩‍👧Family outings ideas 🧭Ideas to discover the city and its neighborhoods 🎨 Museums, exhibitions and cultural activities ℹ️ Local charities 🎉 Party places 🚇 Means of transportation 🆘 Free food distribution, donation platforms, Watizat guide This feature is available for Lyon, Lille, Paris, Marseille!
  • 🗑️ How to delete my account?
    To delete your account and all the data associated with it, you can write to us at to ask us to do so, or you can delete your account yourself directly in the Spiky application. Click on your profile in the top right-hand corner of the home page Click on "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the page Answer "Unsubscribe" to the question "Are you sure you want to delete your account? Click "Yes" to confirm
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